Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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Union Station Clubhouse
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What is a Clubhouse?

Union Station Clubhouse is a non-profit clubhouse-model
psychiatric rehabilitation program for men and women with
mental illness who are 18 years and older living in Fayette
County. Through our day program our members gain the
practical experience they need to work and live more
independently. Because many of our members begin with little
confidence and/or little or no work history, the first step toward
developing job skills is participation in the day program's work
units, designed to help members use and strengthen their
abilities by contributing to the operation of the clubhouse.
Working side-by-side with staff and other members, participants
learn the importance of accepting responsibility, not only as a
step toward self-reliance, but also because other are depending
on them.

Transitional Employment Program (TEP)

After members learn to work in the Clubhouse units, they are
given the opportunity to work in paying jobs in the community
through the Transitional Employment Program (TEP). The TEP
introduces those who have never worked or who have not
worked in many years to the work field. Union Station
Clubhouse provides the opportunities and the moral support
needed to build members' confidence, skills, and stamina.

Social Program

We sponsor outings to local eateries and attractions, as well as
evening, weekend, and holiday hours as scheduled