Union Station clubhouse


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It's that time again! In accordance with the National Road Festivities in Uniontown, we will be having our annual Yard Sale.

 This is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year, in which the proceeds raised by this event support our Member Education and Recreation Fund.

 This fund provides opportunities that our members could not otherwise attain without this outlet, whether it be a trip to a local sporting event, county fair, or amusement park. It additionally provides additional supports for members who are in our employment programs having needs for their employment that they could not otherwise attain through any other source.


 We will have the usual items on the palate for sale this year, with the exception of TV's and REFRIGERATORS. So you may ask, where these items may come from. They have come over the years from many sources, but the main source is from community members like our Facebook Community, Venues that have had our flyers placed in the Fayette County Area, and so forth. That is where you come in, if you have anything that is taking up space in your home that needs removal, and then make it to a good cause.

 Items left at the close of the sale are sold to the members of the Clubhouse program at half cost or at a minimal cost. After this process, left items are then taken to our auspice agency, Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania's retail store for their use in their 23 retail stores, that is used in turn to provide services for individuals obtaining gainful employment


 If you do not have anything to give to our event, considering giving a donation to the fund, which is not used for any budgetary purposes. You are always welcome to come and browse around and make a purchase or two. Everything helps!


 In closing, please come out and support us on May 21st, and again as a reminder we will be NOT accepting TV's or REFRIGERATORS this year and going forward. If you would like to donate an item, please call (724) 439-9311 and ask for Scott or Tom, we can assist with pickups in the Uniontown Area.